Thanks to the #1 pick of the draft that went to Portland which led to Ray signing with the Cs which led to KG signing with the Cs.
Thanks to the Western Conference for making the regular season meaningful.
Thanks to TNT, Ernie, Kenny and Chuckster for giving us the great great "Inside the NBA".
Thanks to Penny, I knew you tried, Heaven Cent.
Thanks to Dwight, Hedo, Jameer, Raw Lew and Stan for bring my Magic back to contender.
Thanks to Reggie for Reggie's mailbag, his commentary and his invention of new terms (eg. man-region)
Thanks to the Griz for donating Gasol to LA.
Thanks to CP3, Mamba, Bron and KG for making the MVP race so exciting.
Thanks to the Suns for the "SSOL" offense. RIP SSOL.
Thanks to the NBA for the great marketing this year. Truely "Where Amazing Happens".
Thanks to Dwight for bringing back the Dunk Contest.
Thanks to the Josh "ATLien" Smith for the non-stop highlights.
Thanks to JVG for the timely puns and great basketball insights.
Thanks to the great blogrolls like the FanHouse, TrueHoop, Ball Don't Lie, Sports Guy, Free Darko, Basketbawful, Third Quarter Collapse, Basketball Jones, Oden'zede, and all other great insights.
Thanks to the crowd for singing "Goodbye" with 4 minutes left, the song always give me chills and goosebumps.
Thanks to Ray for reminding people that he's not a shooter, he's a scorer.
Thanks to PP for being the motherf--king Truth.
Thanks to KG for refusing to accept Big Three as an appropriate term, it makes me like him even more (if that's possible).

Most of all, thanks for the great 07-08 season, I haven't thoroughly enjoy from preseason to ASG to playoffs since 97-98.


You gotta love this Big Baby picture

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